Las Posadas
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The Novena of Las Posadas is our immediate Advent Preparation for the celebration of Christ’s coming.  Las Posadas commemorates Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter in preparation of Mary giving birth.  During the nights we move as pilgrims seeking shelter for Mary and Joseph so that the world in waiting might welcome Jesus Christ.  Each night consists of traditional hymns, novena prayers, the rosary, and fellowship.  You are welcome to join in the novena each night.  Each posada begins at 6:30pm  (with the exception of the 24th which precedes the 9:00pm Christmas Eve Mass).  You may call the host home for driving directions.

Friday, December 16
Rosemary and Ernest Rodarte
820 Montoya Rd. NW, 243-0280

Saturday, December 17
Fr. Dennis Garcia and the family of +Mark Espinoza
2110 Los Luceros Rd. NW (Parish Hall), 243-4628

NOTE:  Tonight only, Las Posadas begins as 7:00pm to allow you to attend the 5:30pm Mass at San Felipe.

Sunday, December 18
Frank and Mary Padilla
2743 Carson Rd NW, 242-2446

Monday, December 19
Catechism Classes and Youth
2110 Los Luceros Rd. NW (Parish Hall) 243-4628

Tuesday, December 20
Leroy and Liana Llamas
6609 Meadowlake NW, Taylor Ranch, 890-0247

Wednesday, December 21
Henry and Karen Aceves
7017 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, 344-7657

Thursday, December 22
Walter and Rochelle Duran
8221 Florence Ave NW, 294-5805

Friday, December 23
Alex Lopez
343 Montoya St NW, 720-7505

Saturday, December 24 before 9:00pm Mass
San Jose Mission, 2110 Los Luceros Rd NW


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